LGBTQ+ Therapy In NYC

Members of the LGBTQ+ community deal with a lot of stress that cis and straight people do not. Their experiences with discrimination and stigma are important and should be taken into consideration when seeking help for mental and emotional problems.


Douglas Psychotherapy Services, PC, offers LGBTQ+ psychotherapy, specifically for those suffering from mental health concerns and trauma, as well as community-specific conditions like gender dysphoria. Our therapists help patients understand their feelings in a safe, inclusive environment.

Psychotherapy is all about helping people learn how to cope with mental illness or everyday stressors in a more constructive way. It’s also known as “talk therapy” because of its base in conversation between patient and therapist. The conversations can be about anything and are confidential — between you and your therapist.


As a member of the community, you may want a therapist who specializes in LGBTQ+ therapy. In some cases, you may have a therapist who is a part of the community themselves, which allows you to speak with someone who can relate almost entirely to your experiences. Therapists specializing in LGBTQ+ issues are there to provide you with tools for self-acceptance, healing from trauma and coping with the added stress from being an open, proud member of the community.


Douglas Psychotherapy Services, PC, prioritizes the positive experience of all therapy patients, regardless of gender or sexuality. To make sure that those in the community feel comfortable and are getting the most out of the healing process, we provide compassionate therapists who are trained to understand the experiences and struggles of those in the community.

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