The Process of Healing

Talk it Out Together

To heal one must first begin to process their emotions and experiences. Often times in the black community their is a band-aid places on oozing wounds. There is a lot to say and its time we give and hold space to help process, form language and express the heaviness felt across the world. If you are part of the black community and need to space to release for a few minutes or just feel validated in your current experiences join us.

June 25th @7pm with Stephanie & Ayhanna


July 2nd @ 7pm with Janelle & Janay

July 9th @ 7pm with Stephanie & Janay

July 16th @ 7pm with Ayhanna & Charnell

July 23rd @ 7pm with Janelle & Charnell

A time for Learning & Discussion

Finding your Role

June 25th @7pm with Janelle & Charnell

During a time of discord there are so many thoughts and feelings about how we should react as black people. Whether there is a desire to protest or a desire to educate others we  all play a part. Join us and discover or explore your role on how you can be a change agent in your own community.

Intergenerational Trauma in the Black Community

July 2nd @ 7pm with Charnell & Ayhanna

Oftentimes when we hear the word Trauma we can be quick to dismiss it and deny it in our lives as black people because for so long we have always been taught to be strong. The only problem is dismissing it doesn’t allow us to heal because it doesn’t simply  start with us it runs deep through our blood line. It’s time to learn how to unpack our wounds and deal with them at its core. This workshop focuses on the legacy of trauma and how trauma has been passed down through years of generations and what it's taught us. 

PTSD and how we are managing stress

July 9th @ 7pm with Ayhanna & Janelle

The black community is proven to experience stress at higher rates than any other race. As a community the effects of slavery are deeper than we understand, this our relation with  PTSD is greater than we know. Join us and learn about PTSD, discuss undiagnosed,untreated post traumatic stress and how we can manage stress. 

Speaking to your children about Racism

July 16th @ 7pm with Stephanie & Janay

Our conversations with the next generation are just as important as our dialogue with our peers and colleagues. It’s important for us to understand our role as parents and how we can process as a family. Let’s explore age appropriate ways to discuss diversity/racism with our children. 

The Roots of Colorism and its impact on self worth

July 23rd @ 7pm with Stephanie & Janay

Light Complexion Vs. Dark Complexion. How we discriminate amongst ourselves and what the colorism perception taught us about our self worth. 

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