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Doing Relationships Well

Janelle Thompson

All relationships come with their challenges, but when we understand our partners better we know how to work together better. Join me and learn some foundational tools on how to better your relationships today.

Weekly Wednesday at 5pm

Week  7/1: Communication Skills (Full)

Week   7/8: Love Languages

Week  7/15: Conflict Resolution Styles (Full)

Week  7/22: Creating Relationship Goals (Full)


How to Worry Less

Pamela Sloane

This workshop will focus on helping clients manage anxiety through the use of Mindfulness techniques and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT).

Clients will learn to identify anxiety triggers and de-escalate anxiety attacks through grounding techniques and sensory management. They will also understand how irrational beliefs lead to catastrophizing and heightened anxiety, and discover how to dispute them using REBT interventions. 

Weekly Wednesday at 1pm

Week 7/1: How to Worry less

Week 7/8How to Worry less

Week 7/15How to Worry less

Week 7/22How to Worry less

Taking Control of Your Anxiety/Worry During Uncertain Times

Morgan Dominguez

Participants in this group will learn how to identify ways to manage their anxieties and worries when they feel triggered by unpredictability during the COVID-19 Pandemic using evidence-based CBT techniques.

Weekly Monday and Thursday at 6pm

Week  6/29 (Full) & 7/2 (Full): Relaxation/Stress Reduction - Participants will learn how to alleviate negative bodily symptoms stemming from anxiety through incorporating different relaxation techniques. 

Week   7/6 & 7/9: Challenging Negative Thoughts - Participants will learn how to identify irrational thought processes and incorporate more compassionate thoughts to alleviate constant worry. 

Week  7/13 & 7/16: Activity Scheduling/Behavior Activation - Participants will learn how to schedule mood-boosting activities into their daily lives to create a more balanced state of well-being. 

Week  7/20 & 7/23: Graded Exposure - Participants will learn the detrimental effects of avoiding triggering stimuli, and learn how to create gradual steps towards exposing one’s self to enhance his/her coping skills.

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Love in the Time of COVID

Pamela Sloane

Work, family, and societal stressors can put negative pressure on a relationship, creating conflict between partners. This workshop will focus on strengthening romantic and intimate connections, managing interpersonal conflict, and forging honest and effective communication.

Weekly Monday at 1pm

Week  6/29: Logistics - learn ways to enhance intimacy while creating ‘space’ for each other by setting up a better work/life balance, organizing your physical space, identifying personal boundaries, and establishing mutual social rules.

Week   7/6: Emotions - discover ways of supporting yourself and your partner through personal development, emotional expression, and individuation, using mindfulness techniques and managing anxiety.

Week  7/13: Communication -  understand how to communicate effectively by discovering healthy ways to express thoughts and feelings, improving listening skills, and learning safer ways to express anger with tips for de-escalation.

Week  7/20: Romance - craft romantic moments and enhance sexual and emotional intimacy in every day life, using ingenuity, creativity, and Sensate Focus techniques.

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