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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Going to couples therapy can improve any relationship, not just ones on the brink of destruction. Every relationship has its problems to work through, often based in a lack of trust or communication. Working with a therapist can help bring you and your partner together in ways that you may have never thought possible. If you’re looking for quality couples therapy in NYC, Douglas Psychotherapy, PC, has you covered. Psychotherapy is a treatment method in which you and a therapist work together through discussion. In couples psychotherapy, both partners sit down with a therapist, who then can facilitate a caring and balanced conversation between the two. Through discussion, the couple can start to understand each other better and can learn ways to keep that communication going outside of therapy. There are a few different types of couples psychotherapy out there, but at DPS we mostly use emotionally focused therapy, or EFT and the Gottman Method. The primary focus of EFT is to create healthy attachment in adult relationships. Emotional couples therapy is going to look closely at the emotional state of each person and how that may be contributing to discomfort in the relationship. Your therapist is there to ensure that the lines of communication stay open and that each party is being listened to and respected. Honesty from both parties is crucial to healing or, if necessary, choosing to end a relationship healthily. Couples therapy can help you and your partner find an understanding and appreciation for each other that you maybe haven’t had since you first started dating. Couples therapy creates a safe space for each person to release built-up negative feelings, talk through those feelings, and know that their partner is listening. Couples should leave therapy with mutual respect and the tools they need to stay strong and happy together.

Child Therapy

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Family Therapy

Every family has its struggles. Sometimes parents get divorced or a family member passes away unexpectedly. Maybe a child has a hard time adjusting to the stresses of adolescence. Whatever you might be struggling with, family therapy might be the solution you need. Douglas Psychotherapy Services, PC, provides your family with the tools that you need to get through whatever issues you might be facing. The goal of family psychotherapy is to help your family grow together through open conversation with one another, facilitated by a professional. Our therapists help families learn how to communicate with each other more effectively while finding the root of more pervasive problems and working through them. The family should leave therapy with a greater understanding of and appreciation for each other, along with improved communication and coping skills. Here at Douglas Psychotherapy Services, PC, we offer a few different types of family therapy. Each family is going to have different needs, depending on the circumstance. For those struggling with parenthood, we provide parent coaching. Here, you can lean how to be a better caregiver to a child who may have mental or emotional needs that you weren’t previously aware of.
We also have therapists trained in multi-systemic and functional family therapy, which are both for families of children with issues like aggression and substance abuse. While each type of therapy has its own focus, they all strive for the same outcome: a more connected, encouraging family environment. Family psychotherapy can help bring your family together, giving you the tools to communicate your grievances to each other and allow you to feel comfortable and confident within the family unit. Any family interested in parent coaching, FFT or CBT family therapy would be in great hands with the professionals at DPS. Our therapists are passionate about helping families grow and thrive together. We work to combine traditional psychotherapy strategies with newer, more evidence-based science to get you and your family to the best possible place.

Individual Therapy

If you’re struggling with increased anxiety, substance abuse, or are simply feeling like you need to talk to someone, seeing a therapist might be the best option for you. Douglas Psychotherapy Services, PC, is here to provide you with a therapy experience that more than meets your needs. For quality psychotherapy in NY, DPS is here.

At it’s core, psychotherapy is really just a continuously evolving conversation between patient and therapist. The patient is encouraged to speak candidly about areas in there life that they want to improve, emotional baggage weighing them down, or struggles with mental health concerns that are hindering their success in life. The therapist is there to listen and guide the patient to a healthier place by offering evidence-based suggestions and providing coping skills for use during sessions and beyond.

We offer a few different kinds of therapy and host therapists with a wide variety of specialties. DPS understands that every person has their own specific needs when it comes to therapeutic treatment. That’s why we aim to provide high-quality care to every individual, no matter their struggles.

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